Le Edit Dark Charcoal Merino Jumper - Collar Sold Seperate


Brand Le Edit

Made from the softest 100% Australian Merino Wool. Pair with our Organic Leggings to complete the look.

Collar sold seperate

Why choose 100% Merino Wool? Put simply it is the best there is for your baby and children.

Tempature regulation and breathability is so important for children, especially young babies who are unable to do on their own yet. Merino wool has the unique properties of naturally insulating and regulating body temperature. It won’t overheat like synthetic fibres because it absorbs body moisture. This is why we chose to use 100% pure merino wool, not a blend, meaning our jumpers are incredibly soft.

Merino Wool naturally repells stains and odours meaning you don't need to wash wool as often as other garments. Remove any stains promptly using a damp sponge to dab at the spot and never rub the stain. Handwash in cold water only using an approved wool wash. Never ever wash in warm or hot water or it will shrink. Never soak your merino as this destroys wool fibres. Most laundry powders contain whiteners, which act like bleach, even ‘eco-whiteners’ may still bleach your garment creating bleach spots and holes. You can also use dishwashing liquid to clean your Merino! Because it is almost alkaline it works wonders at cleaning wool. Never ever put it in a dryer and always dry flat, out of direct sunlight, so it retains its color and shape. Do not wash in the washing machine or the pompoms may become detached

You will notice that our jumpers are super soft, this is because they are pure merino wool and not blended with acrylic fibres. We have also chosen not to treat our merino with chemicals to prevent the natural process often called ‘pilling’. All well loved and well used wool items will start to pill or produce little fluff balls. We highly recommend our anti pilling comb, which makes removing them super easy. After a few comb overs the short fibers will become detached and those little fluff balls will stop forming for good. When cared for properly your Jumper will last for many years, and be a special item you can pass down.